Helping installers sell more
easily in the modern world.

Our mission is to provide the technology you need to simplify quoting and ordering, managing staff and win more customers.

TOUCH Vendor - FREE trial

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TOUCH Vendor

Generate more enquiries and
sales with Vendor. Available in 2 Modes.

Recognising the two main routes to your sales are direct and online, Vendor provides you with two distinct modes to cater for these.

Website Interface
Provides consumers with a simple-to-use processing environment which guides them through the process.

Sales Interface
Built to be used by your sales staff, Vendor is designed to be used on mobiles, tablets and laptops.

TOUCH Vendor - Free trial!

Vendor allows homeowners to design a range of products in one shopping experience.

Geared predominantly for sales to consumers, Vendor allows all window and door products from multiple suppliers to be collated in one quote to your customer.

Maximise sales by using Vendor
across your whole business.

Generate Leads Online

By operating in consumer mode, Vendor allows you to capture sales leads online, pushing them through to the Vendor system for follow up. Any enquiries processed by the consumer can be converted instantly to quotations and priced up automatically with no re-processing.

Sales Person - Home Sales Aid

Armed with a Vendor subscription your sales staff can craft the consumer's quote in real-time during the sales visit. Coupled with Virtual Home, this provides a unique selling experience and is not only an invaluable tool but portrays even the smallest installer in a big company professional light.

Remote Virtual Selling

In recent times, terms such as videoconferencing, e-meetings and remote have become commonplace and have shown us what is achievable. Vendor adopts these terms as its own and allows for shared quote generation and virtual home creation to optimise the sales experience.

TOUCH Vendor - Free trial

Real-time pricing
as standard.

If required, Vendor allows you to price in real-time. Rather than spending time sourcing and uploading large amounts of price grids, Vendor incorporates FlashBook as a standard pricing model. Requiring only a handful of preferred sales values, the system can generate a sales price for each product processed.

The access to prices can be configured independently to sales staff and consumers alike so, for instance, your salespeople can obtain a sales price but your consumers only process and enquire.

Allow homeowners to Launch Virtual Home.

Show, don't tell with Virtual Home interactive visualiser tool.

Unlike standard visualisers, Virtual Home allows you to upload images of every fa├žade of your property; both from inside and outside.

Then, any products processed in the TOUCH quote or enquiry can be superimposed on any house image and manually positioned. The system retains knowledge of every step so any changes to the specification instantly appear on the Virtual Home images.

The Virtual Home images can then be added to any quote documentation or experience.

Brand Vendor with your logo and contact details.

Brand your software for seamless continuity from your website to Vendor.

Give your organisation a big company image by utilising Vendor in consumer mode. Any visitors see your company name, logo and colour schemes accessing the system.

Designed to be consumer friendly, the visitor is guided through the design process step-by-step.

Any sales leads captured are available to your sales staff through the Vendor portal.

Wow homeowners with professional paperwork delivered to their inbox.

All our quote summaries show a full product description of a users final choices along with high quality accurate product imagery showing inside and outside views.

Vendor gives you access to a world of products.

Access to the industry's major product databases.

Vendor comes with a complete range of generic industry products including casement windows, tilt & turn windows, bay windows, vertically sliding windows, residential doors, French doors, composite doors, sliding patio doors and folding doors.

As more TOUCH systems come on stream, you will have the ability to purchase links to profile master products from each of the UK's leading profile suppliers and, for the first time in the industry, have the ability to seamlessly and instantly link your sales system to any and all of your suppliers' TOUCH systems to access their product databases.

Got a question about Vendor?

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